Experiences of Self-regulated Learning in a Vocational Secondary School

  • Elod Gogh Eszterházy Károly University
  • Attila Kovari University of Dunaújváros
Keywords: sel-regulated learning, survey, learning efficiency, lifelong learning


Self-regulated learning plays a significant role in the efficiency of independent knowledge management. In lifelong learning fills self-regulated learning also a considerable part, as people have to increasingly rely on and develop themselves with self-coordinated knowledge management after learning within the institutional framework. Therefore, our research aims to conduct a self-regulated learning questionnaire survey of some of the characteristics of self-regulated learning in a secondary vocational education institution among students (N = 150). By analysing the responses, we can get an idea of what kind of self-regulated learning benefits and problems at an institutional level can emerge and what areas have to be developed to support more effective self-regulated learning. By the results obtained, there are factors which appear above the average level examined the relevance of students' self-regulated learning attributes such as self-review with self-asked questions, basics of learning organisation. At the same time, the most important areas to be developed include references from the teachers' side to the links and future use of knowledge-parts and more active involvement of students in the lessons.

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Gogh, E., & Kovari, A. (2019). Experiences of Self-regulated Learning in a Vocational Secondary School. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 9(2), 72-86. https://doi.org/10.24368/jates.v9i2.114
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