Analysis of students’ dropout rate at Subotica Tech

  • Sanja Maravic Cisar Subotica Tech
  • Robert Pinter Subotica Tech
Keywords: dropout rates; higher education; engineering studies


The analysis of the study success at the Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences (Serbia) was done with the aim of determining the passing of exams success and the completion of the studies in order to determine the dynamics of the study and to detect the critical points of the teaching process which lead to problems and finding the best way to eliminate them. Indicators, which were used, are the passing of students at the end of the fall semester, as well as the correlation of success from high school achieved by the enrolled students, with success in the entrance exam and success after the first year of studying.

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Maravic Cisar, S., & Pinter, R. (2019). Analysis of students’ dropout rate at Subotica Tech. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 9(4), 43-54.
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