Some ethical hacking possibilities in Kali Linux environment

  • Petar Cisar University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies
  • Robert Pinter Subitica Tech - College of Applied Sciences
Keywords: Kali Linux; tools; attack; security; ethical hacking


This paper deals with the problem of ethical hacking and security of computer systems. When we talk about security of an information system, we actually mean the primary three attributes of the system: confidentiality, integrity and availability. There are various approaches with aim to identify existing security weaknesses and security assessment. One of them is using Kali Linux operating system with its integrated effective tools specially adapted to the realization of various types of attacks. The paper gives a general overview of some Kali attacking possibilities on client and server side and highlights their specificities. The undoubted benefit of this operating system is a large collection of different hacking tools in one place which significantly facilitates vulnerability assessment and security testing.


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