Measuring career orientation in a group of young intellectuals choosing a creative job

  • Zita Mangne Kardos University of Pécs
Keywords: career orientation; individual competences; interest orientation; work values


Globalisation and change impacting on all areas of life have become integral parts of our daily lives. Career decision making, a milestone step in the process, has been extended for the entire duration of our active lives. However, the conditionalities of the decisions necessary for making the right career decisions are under constant change, as in all other cases. Although one of the basic requirements of public education is to “create” flexible, adaptable and responsive future employees, teenagers who are to make career decisions are not aware of their competences. The first stage of the lifelong career guidance process is the so-called “exploration” stage, during which the individual preparing for choosing a career or a job gets acquainted with their work-related competences. This exploration stage is backed by many questionnaires. In this study I would like to present an analysis of two questionnairies (Holland Code (RIASEC) Test and Super’s Work Values Inventory Test) that were replied to by a group of students attending the same higher level vocational education. The objective of the research is to present and analyse the conformity of individual competences and the professions chosen and the students’ preferences towards their future jobs.

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Mangne Kardos, Z. (2020). Measuring career orientation in a group of young intellectuals choosing a creative job. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 10(1), 49-62.
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