Environmental education in light of the digital culture

  • Éva Karl Várkerti Általános Iskola és Tagiskolái
  • György Molnár
Keywords: sustainable society; environmental education; legal regulation; educational roles; digital culture; thematic project tasks; global point of view; STEM; robot programming; scratch


The importance of environmental education cannot be stressed enough as humanity populated the majority of the Earth and its activity effects the whole planet. Environmental education is lifestyle education that cannot be started early enough. The point is not only to properly provide scientific knowledge besides personality development. It is essential that children discover and understand cause and effect relationships so they will understand the processes on the whole. The processes leading to the solutions of environmental questions and problems can link different subjects, can build a global point of view suitable to be supported by digital culture for more reasons. The present article in addition to the definition of concepts of environmental education and its practical implementation, describes the accentuated role and possibilities of the digital culture subject in the process of education for sustainability and it provides concrete tasks by age groups along with detailed methodological guidance

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Karl, Éva, & Molnár, G. (2020). Environmental education in light of the digital culture. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 10(3), 76-103. https://doi.org/10.24368/jates.v10i3.200
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