Exploration of the Influences of the Second Language on Academic Dishonesty of Post-Secondary School Students

  • Abdul-Rahman Balogun Muhammed-Shittu Khazar University, Azerbaijan
Keywords: academic integrity; second language; academic dishonesty; post-secondary students


The concentration of this empirical research is on the second language effects on academic dishonesty of post-secondary school students. In the current age, the advancement of technology has a drastic contribution to the enhancement of academic and learning activities. It is relevantly significant to recognize the existence of free online tools in respect of google translator metamorphosing the technique of students’ engagement in view of the alternative language. Students at their various academic institutions have developed substantial amount of indulgent interest in the usage of machine translation. Remarkably, issues pertaining to the prevalence of online free translation tools could have been deemed from the perspectives of several critics, as virtually unthinkable. A lot of researchers have conducted studies on issues pertaining to academic integrity such as plagiarism, cheating, falsification, and fabrication of data but most of these studies were done disjointedly. Students who possess the alternative language skill typically have a specific technique to engage in cheating acts and uncommon approaches of their engagement in academic dishonesty. Hence, this study sightsees the impacts of the additional language on the academic dishonesty of students. The participants were the populace of a unique private university students in Baku, Azerbaijan. A self-constructed questionnaire was randomly disseminated among 95 participants of the control group. A plausible contribution of this empirical research is highlighted firstly from the perspective of scarcity of the previous studies as it adds to the existing literature. Earlier studies limited the investigation on the second language students to the classroom settings. Meanwhile, this study expands the scope through the participants’ aptitude to read and comprehend different language aside from the language of instruction at the university. Consequently, the selection of the control group and accurate analysis methods affirm the limitations of this study and open the door of contributions for the succeeding studies.

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Muhammed-Shittu, A.-R. B. (2021). Exploration of the Influences of the Second Language on Academic Dishonesty of Post-Secondary School Students. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 11(3), 1-15, ArtNo: 258. https://doi.org/10.24368/jates.v11i3.258
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