Study of the Working Parameters of a Spading Machine

  • Judit Pásztor Sapientia EMTE, Romania
  • Ferenc Tolvaly-Roșca Sapientia EMTE, Romania
  • Zoltán Forgó Sapientia EMTE, Romania
Keywords: spading machine; assembly model; simulation; soil loosening; soil compaction;


The well-known difficulties of the international energy situation and the considerable energy demand of agricultural production require, that the general laws of the main processes in the field of energy and agricultural sciences, which are part of the technical sciences, be explored and analysed with scientific thoroughness. Basic tillage is the deepest tillage in the tillage system. This is often done with a spading machine in greenhouses. The energy required for spading is high. Using a SimuLink simulation based on the assembly model of a spade created with real data, we investigate the effect of operating parameters on the secondary operations of spading, the loosening and shredding. The results obtained are checked by measurements. We measured the compactness of the unworked and worked soil and determine the degree of shredding at three forward speeds. The information can be used in the development of cultivation technology.

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Pásztor, J., Tolvaly-Roșca, F., & Forgó, Z. (2021). Study of the Working Parameters of a Spading Machine. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 11(4), 1-13, ArtNo: 275.
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