Web Application for Simulation of Agile Software Projects – Stage One: Team Builder

  • Emira Mustafa Moamer Alzeyani
  • Peter Baláž
  • Csaba Szabó Technical University of Kosice
Keywords: agile development, artificial intelligence, product owner, web application


Training of software development specialists is facing the main problem of providing a good enough amount of practical experience over a variety of real project situations. One approach is using simulators that model scenarios based on real projects but make them repeatable for a better teaching outcome: allowing experimentations on “what if” cases without any real costs or risk. In this work we analyse the agile development of products, artificial intelligence and data used in machine learning. We implemented a web application, which has the task of mediating agile product development. This application is aimed at product owners in order to facilitate their work through appropriately integrated artificial intelligence. When testing the application, we evaluated different versions of the prediction models and verified web interface with direct testing. The results and data from the testing are evaluated and interpreted in the chapter on verification of the proposed solution.

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Alzeyani, E. M. M., Baláž, P., & Szabó, C. (2022). Web Application for Simulation of Agile Software Projects – Stage One: Team Builder. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 12(2), ArtNo: 309. https://doi.org/10.24368/jates309
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