Testing of xtUML Models across Auto-Reflexive Software Architecture

  • Zdeněk Havlice
  • Veronika Szabóová
  • Branislav Madoš
Keywords: Auto-Reflexive Software Architecture, Model Driven Architecture, Model-Driven Maintenance, xtUML, software maintenance metrics


Application of MDA in the software development enables a synchronization of the system models and corresponding source files used for the building of the executable version of a software system. Because of often use of manual modifications of some parts of code without equivalent changes in connected models, there is no guarantee that the output of the process of building of the target application will be consistent with the relevant design and implementation models. Possibility of generating of the source files from the models is a necessity, but not a sufficient condition in the process of development and modification of software systems synchronously with the changes in all related models.  More safe approach is building the target application with the use of an automated building process with nested steps for consistency verifications of all critical models and related source files and the usage of model compilers. This article describes the method and tools for extending the software process of building the target system using special files with specification of dependencies between models and source files. Such dependencies represent the core of the critical knowledge, and it is possible to make this knowledge an integral part of the proposed new software architecture.

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Havlice, Z., Szabóová, V., & Madoš, B. (2022). Testing of xtUML Models across Auto-Reflexive Software Architecture. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 12(2), ArtNo: 310. https://doi.org/10.24368/jates310
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