Meaning, concept and taxonomy of metaverse

Keywords: metaverse, concept, taxonomy, society, economy, cryptocurrency, VR, AR


The article examines the meaning, concept and taxonomy of metaverse in detail. The metaverse is a complex digital environment that exists by blurring the boundary between the physical and virtual worlds. The paper overview the different aspects of the metaverse, including its social, economic, educational and technological dimensions, and explains the origins of the term and the philosophy behind it. By presenting a taxonomy of metaverse, the article aims to provide the reader with a clear framework for understanding the structure and categories of metaverse. Touching on the role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the article also provides a comprehensive picture of the current state and future prospects of the metaverse.

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Kovari, A. (2023). Meaning, concept and taxonomy of metaverse. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 13(2), ArtNo: 358.