Cybersecurity awareness among university students

  • Laszlo Bottyan University of Pecs
Keywords: information security; cybersecurity awareness; e-learning security; online threats


Due to the widespread integration of ICT in education, both the participants in the teaching-learning process and the educational institutions themselves have become increasingly susceptible to cyber threats. It is imperative to implement adequate protective measures for several compelling reasons. These include safeguarding the personal data of students, teachers, and educational staff, ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of education through digital tools, preventing unauthorized access to intellectual property generated during research and development endeavors within higher education institutions, and promoting responsible and security-conscious digital competence development among students. Information security awareness plays a pivotal role in the overall defense strategy. For this research paper, I evaluated the level of security awareness among a particular group of students.

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Bottyan, L. (2023). Cybersecurity awareness among university students. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 13(3), ArtNo: 363.
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