The Possible Framework for Examining Student Performance

  • Edina Kocsó University of Dunaújváros
Keywords: student success, Learning Analytics, prediction


Learning analytics is most often used to predict whether a student will succeed in a course or training. This helps identify students who need support to avoid failing or dropping out of school. The measurement, collection and examination of data is an indispensable tool not only for industry, but also for all educational institutions, based on which a deeper understanding and optimization of the educational process becomes possible in order to use resources and tools more effectively. In Hungary, with the transfer of universities to foundation management, the need for efficiency increased. The University of Dunaújváros (UOD), an independent higher education institution in the Central Hungarian region since 2000 and operating as a university of applied sciences since 2012, is also an indispensable tool for increasing efficiency. In this thesis, we define the educational analysis research framework applied in connection with the subject of Mathematics 1, one of the defining subjects of technical and economic training. The system realized as a result of the research enables UOD to use the most effective tools when planning the courses, thus making the most favourable use of its resources.

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Kocsó, E. (2023). The Possible Framework for Examining Student Performance. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 13(3), ArtNo: 368.
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