Digital Transformation in Higher Education

  • Imre Petkovics Subotica Tech
Keywords: digital transformation, cloud computing, internet of things


Generally speaking the contemporary modern innovations in information and communication technologies (ICT) on the one hand foster the development of operation processes and marketing of products and services, and, on the other hand, provide a model of the use of information technology, which reduces the initial investment in IT and moderate the operational cost of ICT. Higher educations are organizations that offer services and are interested in the benefits of contemporary ICT. The new buzzword ‘Digital transformation’ refers to the business approach implementing the latest ICT technologies (cloud computing, Internet of Things-IoT, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence-AI and machine learning-ML), adjusting these to the users in terms of their ability to use these novel ICT technologies. The paper includes a proposal of a possible and applicable ICT Ecosystem model for higher education, which can further enhance and accelerate the digital transformation in higher education.

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Petkovics, I. (2018). Digital Transformation in Higher Education. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 8(4), 77-89.
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