Measuring Team Member Performance in Project Based Learning

  • Robert Pinter Subotica Tech
  • Sanja Maravic Cisar Subotica Tech – College of Applied Science
Keywords: project based learning; measuring team performance; agile development;


In this paper the authors present how they implemented Project-Based Learning (PBL) at Subotica Tech - College of Applied Science and how they measure the individuals’ performance in team work.  Given that PBL takes place in group work, the students’ marks were formed on a group level depending on how well the project was realized. Experience has shown that the “one mark fits all” approach may not be adequate for the majority of the students, because they strive for feedback so as to help them grow and improve. This motivated the authors to study the functioning of the group and individuals, and identify suitable metrics for measuring performance in the group at the level of the individual. Data collection about the topic was conducted via questionnaire. By analyzing the feedback from students and the results of developing the applications, it can be stated that the PBL approach in teamwork is accepted by the students. Authors suggest metrics for measuring individuals performance, but also state that three years after the implementation of this approach there is still no ideal way to be objective towards every team member individually.

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Pinter, R., & Cisar, S. M. (2018). Measuring Team Member Performance in Project Based Learning. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 8(4), 22-34.
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