Improved learning environment for calculus courses

  • László Bognár University of Dunaújváros
  • Éva Hamar Fáncsikné University of Dunaújváros
  • Péter Horváth University of Dunaújváros
  • Antal Joós University of Dunaújváros
  • Balint Nagy Universití of Dunaújváros
  • Györgyi Strauber University of Dunaújváros
Keywords: teaching mathematics, education, learning environment


The Department of Mathematics of the University of Dunaújváros is devoted to the success of their students. It results in the deep understanding of the students’ needs. Appropriate course material including video lectures, notes, handbook, practice tests, detailed study guide, consultations personally and via email, chat using social networks make this approach fruitful. Modern learning methods are also introduced. Several studies show that changing the learning environment (LE) of higher education courses increase student success. In this work the improvement of the LE applied for the Mathematics course of University of Dunaújváros is introduced. Using this LE the education is much more effective than in the traditional ways.

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Bognár, L., Fáncsikné, Éva H., Horváth, P., Joós, A., Nagy, B., & Strauber, G. (2018). Improved learning environment for calculus courses. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 8(4), 35-43.
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