Open-air schools in Hungary - A countrywide overview

  • Éva Klára Boros Vajtáné Forest School Association
Keywords: open-air school, the forms of educational organization, survey, school, education, community building


In the recent years a plenty colleagues and institution leaders reached out for help to us. The most frequent problems were in connection with documentation, organization, funding and the concepts of the open-air schooling. The question arose whether these problems are general or just specific and if there are such areas, where our colleagues expect assistance. In order to answer these questions we conducted a questionnaire-based survey with all of the Hungarian educational institution that are listed in the national educational database. The questionnaire is established in order to gather new information about the quantity of the demanded funds, the composition of the actors in open-air school movement, the different methods of the provided services. In this study I am going to summarize my experiences referring to the advantages of the open-air schooling educational method.

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Vajtáné, Éva K. B. (2019). Open-air schools in Hungary - A countrywide overview. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 9(3), 31-49.
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