Variations on the possibilities of the development during English lessons

  • Andrea Molnarne Laszlo II. Rákóczi Ferenc Magyar-.Angol Két TAnítási Nyelvű Általános ISkola
Keywords: STEM; English lesson; environmental education; ASEF; NOBEL PRIZE TEACHER SUMMIT;


As early as 1944, Roosevelt raised the question how to develop STEM skills in education. According to current estimates, in 2020 (!) there were 900,000 jobs in the European Union requiring STEM skills due to a shortage of skilled labor. What’s more, these positions are considered to be “bottleneck vacancies. In my view, it is the duty of every teacher to take conscious personality development into his or her lessons. With my work, I make an attempt to show how STEM skills can be developed in a foreign language class, especially in English classes. The location of the research is the II. Ferenc Rákóczi Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School in Székesfehérvár and Márton Bálint Primary and Secondary School in Törökbálint. The students who participated in the research are from the age of six to sixteen. The total number of students is about two hundred. The research was started in 2015. The research was conducted in English, Geography and civilization classes.  The students participated in the research have 3-5 lessons per week. The research expands the scope of methodological innovation and is currently in the early stages of observation. The present research must be carried out applying statistical methods in order to confirm the hypothesis. According to the current state of research by expanding the types of tasks used in language classes, students’ STEM skills can be improved.

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