The relationship between Talent Development and Scientific Students' Associations

  • Anikó Xénia Szalmás Eszterházy Károly University
Keywords: talent development, Scientific Students' Associations, talent


As a sophomore, my supervisors invited me to take part in a scientific research that focused on a previously unanalyzed topic, the relation of workshops of the Scientific Students’ Association (TDK) and talent management. In that year, I filled out the PhD research questionnaire survey of János Szabó, a teaching assistant from the Institute of Psychology of Eszterházy Károly University, with the help of which I started to get acquainted with the topic of talent management and realized that TDK is inseparable from talent research. With my supervisors, we examined how the work of the surveyed workshops affect talent management, how talented students are selected, how they work together, what key qualities play a role to recognize and evolve talent. To answer these questions, after reviewing the literature, I conducted semi-structured interviews with members of different TDK workshops and got a questionnaire filled by 80 supervisors. Both the personal and environmental factors outlined by the reviewed talent models and the indicated talent criteria appeared in the supervisors’ responses. Based on the results, we learnt that talent management is essential in an institutional environment and the expertise of supervisors greatly influences the course of students’ academic career.

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Szalmás, A. X. (2021). The relationship between Talent Development and Scientific Students’ Associations. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 11(2), 137-151.
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