Age-specific characteristics in a pedagogical approach

  • Irén Virág Eszterházy Károly University Institute of Educational Sciences
Keywords: age characteristics; pedagogical expectations; education


The aim of the study, drawing on the relevant literature, is to review and present the pedagogical characteristics that influence learning behaviour at different ages in different formal education settings from pre-school through lower and upper primary, secondary and higher education.  The characteristics of each age group are described: physical, social, emotional and cognitive, followed by educational expectations, activities and processes. Thereby, after the presentation of the regulators regarding the institutional phases of education, pedagogical questions and possibilities are formulated, which also mark the adequate pedagogical planning, organisation and evaluation focal points. The study shows that in the work of teachers it is very important to apply as many pedagogical methods and activities as possible in the teaching process that are adapted to the students' needs.

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Virág, I. (2021). Age-specific characteristics in a pedagogical approach. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 11(1), 3-27.
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