Environmental education opportunities in trekking camp movement

  • Anna Pap Rétsági Primary School
Keywords: environmental education, trekking camp movement, environmental awareness, change of attitude, longer-term expansion of environmental knowledge


Several textbooks and studies discuss the possibilities and effects of environmental education on the field. Trekking camp, a classic branch of trekking, has been re-introduced to teachers through a new, governmental recreational training and programme. Trekking, as a type of ecotourism, is excellent to implement environmental education tasks. The potential of this was recognised by the author, who is a trekking camp leader. In addition to practical implementation, she also conducted a pilot research. The study presents the results of measuring participants’ environmental awareness. Changes in environmental knowledge were examined with a diagnostic input and an output test, which were supplemented by a questionnaire to record attitudinal changes. By processing these, it was found that whether participating students received environmental awareness-raising tasks in an indirect and playful way in the right proportion, they were happy to do them. In addition, it led to a longer-term expansion of environmental knowledge, and a change of attitude.

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Pap, A. (2021). Environmental education opportunities in trekking camp movement. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 11(2), 75-90. https://doi.org/10.24368/jates.v11i2.234
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