Role of Hungarian Science and Geography Text Books in Education regarding Energy Awareness

  • Ibolya Markóczi Revákné University of Debrecen
  • Judit Ütőné Visi Educational Authority
  • Ila Bartha Kölcsey Ferenc Reformed Practicing Elementary School
  • Enikő Kovács Eszterházy Károly University
  • Károly Teperics University of Debrecen
Keywords: energy awareness, environmental attitude, textbook investigation


Importance of social learning processes in case of renewable energy sources in Hungary is indisputable. The result of this process should be the development of positive attitude of students, while there is a responsibility of schools as well. The purpose of the authors was to find concepts concerning energy awareness which are needed to survey attitude of pupils related to renewable energy in elementary and secondary school. The method of investigation was analysis of natural science and geography text books (N = 26) and their workbooks (1st-10th grade) from content related, formal, didactical and cognitive points of views. According to results, the main concepts for attitude investigation are renewable energy, heating, power station and energy saving. Important conclusion for textbook writers is to find in future balance among attitude, raising awareness and conceptual knowledge relate to energy awareness.

Author Biographies

Ibolya Markóczi Revákné, University of Debrecen

Department of Ecology, Division of Teaching Methods of Biology, Associate professor

Judit Ütőné Visi, Educational Authority

Educational Authority, professional leader of project for career orientation support

Ila Bartha, Kölcsey Ferenc Reformed Practicing Elementary School

Kölcsey Ferenc Reformed Practicing Elementary School, senior master

Enikő Kovács, Eszterházy Károly University

Faculty of Science, Institute of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Research Assistant

Károly Teperics, University of Debrecen

Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Social Geography and Regional, assistant professor

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Revákné, I. M., Visi, J. Ütőné, Bartha, I., Kovács, E., & Teperics, K. (2018). Role of Hungarian Science and Geography Text Books in Education regarding Energy Awareness. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 8(3), 7-28.
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