Constructivist Environmental Education in Urban Walking Lane

  • Csaba Rigóczki Eszterházy Károly University
Keywords: environmental education, urban walking lane, constructivism, gamification, M-learning


Constructivism in education became widely accepted in the last decades, and the importance of environmental education is not debated in scientific circles, either. I aim to introduce a tested programme which shows the combination of the two concept structures, how environmental awareness can be strengthened with constructive pedagogy. This is the Urban Values Programme. After three years of testing we have created urban walks that strengthen the sense of local identity. These are outdoor sessions using the methods of M-learning and gamification in which learning through action dominates. The established lane has been walked by 120 secondary school students with a positive outcome as proven by data gathered by targeted observation, oral and written questioning. The walk has been recorded on a film, as well.

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Rigóczki, C. (2018). Constructivist Environmental Education in Urban Walking Lane. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 8(3), 68-82.
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